BIG Investment Introduction

BIG Investment (where BIG means Business Introduction to Gulf) is a private company originally established in the UAE with the goal of building a stable and reliable network of European companies that, in their line of business, can express high levels of excellence providing emerging markets with cutting-edge solutions (products and services) in some advanced technology fields.

BIG Investment mission is bringing strategic technology and top-skilled human resources from Europe to the GCC area.

For the purpose of achieving these goals BIG Investment has played the key-role in two directions: establishing reliable and long-term partnerships with European companies in various sectors and reaching agreements with influential decision makers in the GCC region aimed at getting projects for the foreign companies that can contribute to the development of the region.

BIG Investment’s role is by no means to be valued as a broker, because we are not brokers: we want to support the long-term presence of foreign companies in the area and cooperate with them by providing essential, time & cost saving services at various levels.

For the sectors of interest, the company has got the trade license n. 594958 issued by the Economical Development Department of Dubai (UAE).

BIG Investment is based in Dubai, P.O. Box 171190, and has also been operating in Abu Dhabi and the other UAE Emirates as well as in the other GCC countries, such as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait through BIG Investment representative offices, established either directly by BIG UAE or in partnership with local companies. BIG is currently establishing BIG ARABIA in Saudi Arabia.

The company has stipulated joint ventures and established relationships with prestigious local companies and decision makers, strengthening its asset and resource capability and promoting many projects in the infrastructure and construction sectors along with with their partners.

Some further information on BIG Investment, their management and the general proposal to the foreign companies for the GCC market can be founded out on the document BIG Investment proposal for a foreign companies to enter the GCC market to execute projects.

Our Vision and Mission

BIG aims to play a major role in various domains in terms of trading and business between two leading regions in the world: Middle East and Europe by fostering cultural and resources exchange.

We have a great desire of creating opportunities, on a regional basis in the civil, industrial, agricultural, trade sectors, by assisting all companies to establish an effective and successful presence in the Middle East.

We would also like to facilitate innovative investments of Arabian resources including UAE into European industrial realities.


  • Reliable and efficient management.
  • Quick response to Investment Ideas and Investment proposals.
  • Very good understanding of the MENA market and clients needs.
  • Highly professional human resources.
  • Full access to market data.

Business Model & Modus Operandi

In the following pictures the BIG Business Model is roughly drawn:

The standard Modus Operandi is made up of some main steps:

BIG has established sound partnerships & links with European companies working in the sectors of interest (construction, infrastructure, energy, telecommunications, ...); (See more about BIG Members)

BIG establishes partnerships and agreements with potential GCC and MENA Customers, issuers of large projects.

Depending on type and size of projects, BIG involves the most suitable European company (company partner) to carry out projects.

BIG and the company partner establish a local organization (through a LLC newco or a FZ newco) - where the company partner is the majority shareholder and has got the responsibility of the newco operations - to be stably present and support project operations and customer account activity. (click on BIG procedure to establish a newco in the UAE with the BIG sponsorship)

BIG CEO Message

“Enhancing the knowledge and business mentality of UAE and GCC society was our mission since the very beginning by providing a high quality and unique products and services in order to apply and develop a healthy and peaceful community.

...we always look forward to expand our abilities in producing the highest service possible by bringing the latest and state-of-art technologies and trends, in some strategic and demanding sectors, with keeping traditional and commonly accepted methods.

..And for that, BIG INVESTMENT aims to represent a dual matrix of opportunities and cooperation between two of the most important regions in the world, in terms of resources, culture, manpower, history and of course market, which are Middle East and Europe.

..For this very reason BIG INVESTMENT Group wants to stand for a new paradigm of bilateral trade and business between Middle East , one of the world’s richest region, and Europe, the world’s largest market. The ultimate goal of BIG investment is to be the leading window of industrial, agricultural, financial and cultural exchange between MENA and Europe”.

Mostafa Solaiman
Chief Excutive Officer
BIG Investment Group

Sectors of Interest

BIG Investment has been operating in the following main sectors:

Engineering Infrastructure: bridges, tunnels, roads, ports, airports, marine platforms and very large floating structures (VLFS), railway networks with related service structures, public environment with landscaping & irrigation, street lighting.

Construction: residential, commercial, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, industrial buildings, stadiums and sports plants, leisure centres. Civil works and MEP integrated systems. Low-cost and pre-casting solutions for popular target housing and standard / ordinary buildings.

Water and Energy: water generation and distribution, water networks and related management systems. Renewable energy generation (photovoltaic, solar thermal, and geothermal systems). Traditional energy generation (turbine power station, co-generation system). Electricity substations and transmission & distribution networks.

Oil and Gas: extraction, refining and distribution refining industries. Upstream, midstream and downstream solutions customized according to customer needs. Engineering Consultancy Services

Waste treatment and disposal: with gas co-generation (biogas) and environmental cleanup systems. Wastewater and sewage management for residential and industrial buildings and infrastructures. Innovative treatment solutions to produce solid fractions to be used as natural fertilizers and liquid fraction to be used for industrial and irrigation works.

Telecommunications integrated products and services for turnkey networking rollout, towers and structures, active/passive transmission systems. IP solutions and IT network implementation. Fiber Cable network. Global engineering services and consultancy.

Security logical and physical security services for private and public institutions and organizations as well as private organizations, such as banks, finance, hotels, hospitals, industry, commercial sites, etc..

Product and Services

The companies selected by BIG to join BIG Investment Group (see more on Business Model and Modus Operandi) have been focused on projects relevant to the sectors of interest and can respond and agree to the BIG sponsorship program (BIG procedure to establish a NWECO with BIG Sponsorship) in order to establish a local presence in the UAE and/or in another country under the cover of BIG.

BIG Investment intends to sponsor European companies in the reference Market Area, providing them with some fundamental accompany services, such as:

  • access to Governmental customers and projects;
  • local logistic support and access to local finance facilities;
  • introduction of local operative partners, for the purpose of carrying out projects since the early stages of them, when the most efficient and effective offer/quotation has to be issued, according to local conditions and prices.

BIG Investment can settle a qualified set of environmental factors and conditions for the entrepreneurs interested, such as:

  • general accessibility and settlement conditions
  • area's characteristics & location
  • settlement procedures
  • social and employment data

BIG Investment offers the possibility to get essential sponsorship useful to law and local custom but, above all, to introduce the companies in an operational flow aimed to achieve excellent economic results.

BIG Investment is also ready to evaluate a simpler solution for the company in case a LLC type is not requested and the settlment of a newco in a Free Zone (FZ Newco) can be considered a more viable solution. With regard to this issue, BIG has established a preferred relationships with the Ras Al Khaimah Trade Free Zone, that can offer competitive, cost-saving and efficient conditions to the companies sponsored by BIG Investment.

A foreign company must guarantee on the territory - through the established newco:

  • technical competence & know-how, reliability and seriousness, experienced resources, on time customer care & services, start-up finances;
  • commercial capability for packaging offers and economical evaluations in line with the market standard prices and supply conditions.

In the cooperation with company partners, BIG Investment can take responsibility of the following matters:

  • project assessment and evaluation;
  • support in identifying, preparing tender and/or obtaining contracts in the sector of interest as well as project mandate by the Governmental customers;
  • project management and coordination (if required);
  • key account management;
  • local resource allocation & management;
  • local commercial agent or service agent for companies, or assistance to companies in the GCC and MENA area through the identification and appointment of agents, distributors and partners.

Definitively, for the companies BIG Investment builds strategic long-term relationships / joint ventures (JV) with those well-established Middle East local partners that can favor BIG Group's penetration into the market and make easier and more viable the acquisition of first projects in virtue of their qualification status within the Government organizations.

BIG Group's Company Network

The Companies that have agreed to join BIG Investment to improve their presence in the Area work in different sectors where they supply experience and know-how. Among them:

BIG Investment has established well-defined sponsorship + or partnerships programs aimed to realize EPC or engineering projects with these companies.

Thanks to the network of experienced European partners, such as Propuestas de Valor (Spain), Emmegi and Partners (Italy), In.Opera (Italy), BIG Investment has also established contacts and relationships with several companies that at any time BIG can involve in large projects and with whom, therefore, BIG can start discussing more stable and long-term cooperation agreements; among them we can count:

Grupo Essentium, Sacyr, Valoriza, OHL, Abeima/Albengoa,GEA21, Zener from Spain; Selitunnel, Dondi Costruzioni, Coiro Engineering, RAM Power, Consorzio Telemaco, Infrastrutture & Gestioni, Enerco Distribuzione, Ivitel, from Italy.

BIG Investment has carried out an unremitting effort to establish the most suitable agreements with serious and reliable companies, according to the WIN-WIN logic and two simple rules:

  • a company partner of BIG can be sure that there will be no competition with any other company of the Group as soon as it works seriously and reliably;
  • with its partner companies, BIG want to cover project opportunity in the whole GCC area.

BIG Group's Company Network

The final purpose of the BIG action being bringing advanced and strategic technology into the ME market, some benefits to the Market derived from the BIG approach and action can be pointed out:

  • the very frequent deadlock positions expressed by both customers (assigning jobs only to qualified and locally registered companies) and foreign companies (getting evidence of jobs ahead of settling a local presence) can now be definitely reconciled thanks to BIG Investment credibility and balanced mediation:
    • from the market side, by ensuring customers and local partners on reliability and ability of BIG partner companies;
    • from the company side, by promoting the acquisition of a project tender documentation at a stage as early as possible, and, at the same time, starting talks on how to settle a local presence of the company in the Area, as requested from the Market;
  • put at disposal of local companies advanced know-how and updated technologies, along with financial resources, within a wide range of project sectors;
  • promote the constitution of powerful and flexible Consortium of companies under the formal and legal cover of a JV structure to cope with important EPC and / or BOT projects of interest in the mentioned civil and industrial sectors (see more on Sectors of Interest).

The Market Customers are represented by Institutions, Authorities and Organizations of the most important Governements of the GCC area, that BIG Investment is used to addressing directly or through the cooperation with some strategic partners.

Among them, it is a pleasure and a honor to mention:

Dorsch Gruppe Abu Dhabi ( for projects the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait

Saudi Binladen Group ( for project in Saudi Arabia

Kuwait & Gulf Link Holding (KGL Holding) ( for projects in Kuwait and some other CGG countries

ORASCOM Construction Industries ( for projects in ME area

Nahas Enterprises Group ( for projects in ME area.

Suhail Group for projects in the UAE

Daoud & Partners Co. LLC ( for projects in the GCC area.

Example of projects

Here we are a list of some projects executed by BIG partner companies.

Currently, BIG partner companies are involved in some projects in the following sectors:

  • civil works (roads) in the Abu Dhabi Emirate;
  • civil works (bridges) in the Abu Dhabi Emirate and Qatar;
  • engineering works in Qatar and Abu Dhabi Emirate;
  • urban development works in Kuwait and Abu Dhabi Emirate;
  • illuminating engineering works in Kuwait;
  • animal husbandry in Kuwait;
  • ICT security work in the Dubai Emirate;

moreover, short-term projects are extensively expected in the Oil&Gas sector.


BIG proposal for Oil& Gas sector

BIG Investment is pleased to present a proposal for companies that have never worked in the UAE and in the other GCC countries and are interested in concretely verifying the opportunity to work in that area. BIG Investment LLC and Dorsch Gruppe Abu Dhabi have established a long-term partnership to jointly approach and work in a number of technological sectors: construction, infrastructure, water, energy, oil&gas. In this last sector they are looking for companies interested in quickly deepen the subject matter. For more details please refer to the Document: BIG proposal for oil&gas sector.

Waste treatment and disposal

Along with its partner Caldani Middle East, BIG is strongly interested in exploring the possibility to design and realize plants to treat solid waste through a process that can deliver - as a solid fraction output - some natural fertilizers highly competitive with the chemical ones and capable of improving the quality of soil for agriculture use. For that reason, BIG Investment and Caldani Middle East have started a program of meetings with some important interlocutors of the area, such as Abu Dhabi Emirate, Qatar and Kuwait Governements in cooperation with Aquaser, a company belonging to Italian ACEA Group, and the Università della Tuscia, from Italy too. Both of these potential partners have been working on this issue for a long time.

IRAQ Market

Some months ago, BIG Investment had planned some business trips in Iraq along with its strategical partner in the area, Dorsch Gruppe Abu Dhabi, to verify how to boost its presence in that intensive demanding market. Contacts with prestigious Iraqy partners had already been activated and progressed with the goal to study how setting development operations in the low-cost housing, hospitals, energy production, water treatment and distribution areas. Due to a number of reasons, connected to the general situation of that area, the Iraq projects has been postponed for some time. As soon as BIG and Dorsch can positively value the evolution and progresses in the area, they will be eager to reconsider the plan and start to implement it.

Generation of drinkable water

BIG is currently focusing strong interest on solutions capable of generating drinkable water from air, by condensing and properly filtering the water steam contained in the atmosphere. Even though the current state-of-art does not allow to design and produce devices capable of generating more than some thousand liters a day, nevertheless it seems to be promising to work in this subject matter to satisfy drinkable water needs from local / isolated community or group of people (such as residential, health care, officies, school, tourism, off-shore appls,...). Water must be bacteriologically safe with no chemical disinfectant to be used. BIG is ready to talk with any experienced company to progress in this project and is ready to join any investment initiative in the MENA area aimed to: 1.distribute air-to-water (AWG) devices wherever temperature and relative humidity allow them to be efficient and effective; 2.establish local factory to assembly these devices; on technology to increase the device capacity and throughput.

  • distribute air-to-water (AWG) devices wherever temperature and relative humidity allow them to be efficient and effective;
  • establish local factory to assembly these devices;
  • work on technology to increase the device capacity and throughput.

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